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International Soccer Club Taipei is a club for the serious and committed soccer player who is striving to develop themselves in all the areas of the game in order to perform at a highly competitive level. In this pursuit of high performance through patient training there is also the attempt to pursue the beauty of thinking together as a team and to discover beautiful experiences within the game.

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IPL League starts Sept. 21th


Congratulations ISCT U-15 C33 Tournament Champions

Congratulations ISCT U-12 Barracudas 

2013 U-12 TYL North Division Champions


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  • YAMAHA CUP Match Schedule on 11/29‏
    EVERY PLAYER MUST BRING YOUR PHOTO IDENTIFICATION (i.e. ARC, health insurance card, or passport) WITH YOU. Please meet coach at Ying Feng Riverside Park before 7:30 AM

    Inter Taipei FC:
    Red jersey and black socks (Please also bring your black jersey with you.)

    Ryuta Takahashi
    Taisei Ikeda
    Sintaro Koshie
    Naomu Takao
    Gil Golan
    Ryan Rhee
    Kosei Azuma
    Trent Hoang
    Hiroki Matsunobu
    Jeffrey Ma
    Nicholas Geddes

    Black jersey and black socks (Please also bring your red jersey with you.)

    Nicholas Lee
    Tyler Liu
    Daniel Liu
    Wan Jin Kim
    Ruka Asanaka
    Soma Suzuki
    Ethan Dong
    Kohsei Ueba
    Scott Hwang
    Jason Peng
    Kei Moriya
    Cooper Chi
    Jonathan Peng

    Date: 2014/11/29

    08:00 am
    Lightening vs ISCT
    FC Viking vs Inter Taipei FC

    10:00 am
    ISCT vs Heat

    10:40 am
    Inter Taipei FC vs Cloud

    Venue: Ying Feng Riverside Park
    Google map: http://goo.gl/maps/iDYsO


    source: http://www.yamaha-cup.com.tw/

    Posted Nov 25, 2014, 1:54 AM by International Soccer
    We would like to welcome Hitachi High School to Taipei, Taiwan.  We have prepared the following schedule of games for the tour.

    Thursday , November 27th 

    4pm – 5pm  Hitachi High School vs. UTFC 
    Venue : Taipei American School

    5pm – 6pm  Hitachi High School vs. Inter Taipei FC
    Venue : Taipei American School

    Saturday, November 29th


    The festival will feature one day of intensive football games for the U-18 category in which team will play games from 9am to 4pm.  

    Participating Teams :

    A. Hitachi High School (Japan)
    B.   Inter Taipei FC
    C.     UTFC
    D. Hui Wen High School

    Date :  November, 29th, 2014  9am – 4pm

    Location : Taipei American School Field.

    Festival Format:

    A . Games will be 11 v 11 on a full field .

    B.  Each game will be 45 mins long with no half-time.  

    C .  There will be a 5 min break between games so that teams can exit and enter the field.  

    D.  All games must start on time.  Teams should be warmed up and ready to play at kick-off time.

    E.  Each team is allowed unlimited subsitutions for each game.  Players may enter the field when the ball out of play.

    Schedule of Games :

    9 :00 – 9 :45am Hitachi High School  vs  Inter Taipei FC

    9 :50 -  10 : 35am UTFC  vs  Huiwen High School

    10 :40 – 11 :25am UTFC  vs  Inter Taipei FC

    11 :30  -  12:15pm Hitachi High School  vs  Huiwen High School

    12 :20 – 1 :05pm Hitachi  High School  vs   Inter Taipei FC

    1 :10  - 1 :55pm UTFC   vs  Inter Taipei FC

    2 :00 – 2 :45pm UTFC  vs  Huiwen High School

    2 : 50 – 3 :35pm Hitachi High School  vs  Huiwen High School

    We would like to welcome all teams to the tournament and are looking forward to some great football .

    Posted Nov 17, 2014, 8:03 AM by International Soccer
  • Coach Jean-Louis to leave club
    We are sad to inform both players and parents that Coach Jean-Louis will have to leave the club this week due to personal reasons.
    We are very grateful for his dedication and commitment to the club during his time with us and would like to wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

    He coaching duties will be replaced by Coach Mamadi and Coach Kai Chiang for the remainder of the season.

    Many thanks Coach Jean-Louis and we wish you the best of luck.
    Posted Nov 12, 2014, 7:13 PM by ISC Taipei
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